Sprayed Concrete and Hydrodemolition

Sprayed Concrete

Freyssinet specialises in both dry and wet spray concrete and has extensive experience in assessment, design and application of the best solution to suit a client’s requirements.

Sprayed concrete is a versatile material, used in many areas of structural enhancement, including structural repair, bridges, brick arches, tunnel linings and cathodic protection overlays. The spray method is a highly durable solution, cost effective and quick to apply.

Freyssinet is able to design specialised mixes, apply client specified mixes and pre-bagged materials. Application is carried out by Freyssinet’s fully qualified sprayers, who have many years’ experience in the art of sprayed concrete repair.

Freyssinet is a member of the Sprayed Concrete Association.


Hydrodemolition is a specialist technique that utilises high pressure (HP) or ultra high pressure (UHP) water jets to remove damaged or sound concrete and can be used on small localised or large areas.

Hydrodemolition technology can be used on all types of structures, such as bridge decks and substructures, tunnels, retaining walls, parking structures, warehouses, piers and docks, water treatment facilities and nuclear power plants. It is recognised within the industry as the safest and most efficient method of concrete removal.


The main benefits of hydrodemolition:

  • The existing structure is left undamaged and ready for re-use
  • The process is efficient and can reduce programme duration
  • Existing reinforced steel is cleaned
  • Health, safety and environmental risks are reduced
  • The risk of dust and airborne debris is eliminated
  • The potential for HAV is reduced
  • Concrete can be removed from heavily steel congested areas
  • It prevents cracking / micro fractures to the adjacent concrete
  • Surfaces can be quickly prepared to accept new concrete or spray concrete

Freyssinet undertakes hydrodemolition as part of a wider range of complementary services via its wholly owned sister company Aquaforce Jetting Ltd.

Services include:

  • High pressure water jetting – up to 1150bar
  • Ultra high pressure water jetting – up to 2500bar
  • Robotic hydrodemolition
  • Concrete hydrodemolition
  • Concrete surface preparation/scabbling
  • Coatings removal
  • Waste water treatment (pH balancing and suspended solids settlement)


Freyssinet’s hydrodemolition team is highly trained, with over 20 years’ experience in all applications of hydrodemolition. This includes surface preparation of various types and CSP grades, bearing and soffit removal, bulk parapet contracts and other highly technical contracts.

Health & Safety

Industry leading TST PPE is used by all operatives, which includes bib and brace rated to 2000 bar, TST safety gaiters to cover safety wellingtons and TST waistcoats. In 2011, Freyssinet pioneered the design and production of the first hydrodemolition helmet mounted face shield for use by Aquaforce operatives. The EN 166 B certified visor is now a legal requirement for all hydrodemolition operatives.

Case Studies

Rochester Station Autoripage

Butterley Station Bridge

Valenton Rail Bridge

QMC Bridge Nottingham Tram

Connaught Tunnel

Harfleur Tunnel