Concrete Repairs

Concrete repairsFreyssinet specialises in concrete repairs, maintenance techniques and strengthening solutions and is able to provide clients with a “one stop” contracting service for all concrete repairs requirements.

Freyssinet’s in-house design department and highly trained workforce has extensive experience in concrete repairs and structural strengthening, and the company works closely with major material suppliers to ensure concrete repairs and strengthening solutions benefit from the latest materials.

Assessment, diagnosis, prevention and cure

Freyssinet offers a comprehensive range of tests to enable clients to accurately evaluate concrete structure problems and identify appropriate repair strategies. Testing techniques include cover surveys, half-cell testing, dust sampling, chemical analysis and defects surveys. Freyssinet has dedicated resources of highly qualified engineers and technicians offering structural evaluations and ‘health checks’ using the latest computer-aided diagnostic techniques and equipment.

In-service monitoring of bridges, buildings and other structures provides asset owners with vital information on their condition.

Early detection of defects or of unseen, potentially damaging changes enables clients to implement repair and treatment to prolong design life and minimise the long-term cost of maintenance.

Freyssinet is able to provide clients with impartial advice with regards to repair material selection from a wide range of sources.

Concrete repairsConcrete Repairs

Freyssinet repairs spalled, cracked, honeycombed or otherwise damaged concrete using the latest methods and materials including:

  • Modified mortars for patch and thin bond repairs
  • Pressure and/or vacuum resin injection using epoxy, polyester and cementitious grouts
  • Sprayed concrete
  • Leak sealing

Concrete Replacement

Where concrete is in poor condition, or strengthening is required, replacement is often the only viable option. Freyssinet can provide concrete removal by conventional breaking out methods or by hydrodemolition (ultra high pressure water jetting) performed by its own in-house team. This is then followed by concrete replacement using high performance repair concretes and mortars.

Freyssinet’s concrete repair capabilities also include required falsework, shuttering, propping and jacking.

Concrete repairsCoatings and complementary services

Corrosion inhibitors, anti-carbonation coatings, waterproofing membranes, paints and decorative finishes are among the specialist restorative coatings and concrete treatments provided by Freyssinet. Concrete repair is frequently undertaken alongside other strengthening and remedial work such as the repair and strengthening of bridges, buildings, car parks and other industrial structures.

EXOLEAFInnovation concrete strengthening solutions

Freyssinet is leading the way in the use of Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC), a versatile, high-strength, steel fibre-reinforced cement composite material which offers an impressive 150 to 180 MPa compressive strength.

Utilising its expertise in structural improvement, Freyssinet launched ExoLeaf®, a range of UHPC thin products. The ExoLeaf® system can be developed as pre-cast, cast in-situ or even sprayed, and as such it can be adapted to a wide range of applications and site conditions.


Freyssinet is a member of the following associations and all work is carried out in accordance with their Codes of Practice:

1 Concrete Repair Association (CRA)

2. Corrosion Prevention Association (CPA)

3. Institute of Corrosion (ICorr)

4. Sprayed Concrete Association (SCA)

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