Bridge Products

As a structural solutions specialist, Freyssinet is able to offer a complete package service on bridge components, from inspection and design through to manufacture and installation.

Bridge Bearingsfreyssinet bridge products

Bridge bearings are designed to ensure that loads are transferred between the superstructure and its supports, and also enable movement and rotation. Freyssinet has developed a range of bearings, with each design available in one of three different types of bearings – fixed bearings, guided bearings and free bearings, which allow for different translation and rotational movements to suit the function of a structure. Click here for more information.

Expansion Joints

freyssinet bridge productsExpansion joints are a vital component of any reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete and steel structure and of bridge decks in particular, as they absorb movement, while also accommodating any shrinkage, creep effects and changes in temperature. The expansion joint is the element under the most strain in any engineering structure.

Depending on the requirements of the structure and the client, Freyssinet is able to select the most suitable joint for the job, from a selection which includes modular, cantilever and mat joints. Click here for more information.

Shock Transmission Units (STUs)

Shock Transmission Units are effective bridge components used to prevent widespread damage from seismic activities and structural movement. STUs are used to connect separate structural units and are designed to distribute short-term impact forces, while not interfering with the long-term movement of the structure. Click here for more information.


freyssinet bridge products
Developed by Freyssinet, Freyssibar is a prestressing system that comprises of a wide range of threaded bar and associated anchoring, coupling and extension devices. Freyssibar is used in permanent or temporary prestressing, holding down bolts of cranes and wind turbines, bridge construction systems, ground and rock anchors and heavy lifting. Click here for more information.

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