Freyssinet’s origins are as a specialist in bridge construction, bridge repairs and a bridge bearings manufacturer, our knowledge and expertise in this area remain unparalleled. Years of experience in the design, construction, testing and monitoring of structural systems have equipped Freyssinet Limited with exceptional insight and resources in the field of repair and strengthening. Our extensive track record of bridge work illustrates our capabilities to complete projects both large and small, and always to the highest standard. Traditionally our main area of work has been on highway structures, but Freyssinet have also been actively involved in the rail sector both as specialist civil engineers and structural enhancement professionals.

As the foremost designer and manufacturer of bridge bearings in the UK, Freyssinet Ltd is eminently qualified in the assessment of in-service bearings. Our site inspection service, by highly trained and experienced engineers, is offered across the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Manufacture and Supply
Freyssinet Ltd offer a full range of replacement bearings, both mechanical and elastomeric, all designed to BS 5400, and manufactured in our factory in quality controlled conditions that exceed the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001. Our designers will often incorporate modifications into our standard bearing designs to make replacement operations easier.

Freyssinet Ltd offers a “one stop” bridge bearing replacement service both on a principal contractor basis and as a subcontractor. Our bridge bearing replacement service combines our pre-eminent position as designer and bridge bearing manufacturer  with our expertise at design, supply and operation of jacking systems, and our knowledge of speciality construction chemicals such as grouts and epoxies.

Services Available
Complete Refurbishment as Main Contractor
Bridge Jacking and Bearing Replacement
Concrete Repair
Concrete Coatings
Cathodic Protection
Flat Jacks
Bridge Tester
Post Tension Tendon Regrouting
Cable Stay Bridge Maintenance Replacement/Repair
Expansion Joint Replacement/Repair