Leak Sealing and Tunnel Lining

Leak Sealing

Freyssinet has worked on various leak sealing projects, including Glasgow Underground, Connaught Tunnel and Crossrail and Hunterston Graphite tunnels.

Using a variety of methods including Hydrophillic resins, PU resins and cement grouts, Freyssinet has a full range of techniques to stop and control water in tunnels and under slabs.

Freyssinet carries out injection drilling at positions to the top of cracks in the invert and at side tunnel locations where stopping water ingress is required. In addition, the company offers all associated works for this process, including drilling and fitting of packers.

All resin components are delivered to site in factory supplied containers in measured quantities. These components are placed in their relevant on site mixing containers (Defined on site as part of the RAMS) and mixed using a forced action mixer. Upon material cure, injection packers are removed and repaired using mortar plugs and the work is monitored to ensure water ingress is halted.

Tunnel Lining
Freyssinet also work with the repair of tunnel linings and the utilisation of fixed intermittent positioning of water control liners.

Where required, Freyssinet undertake the installation of full waterproof lining systems using both spray applied liners and membranes.

Tunnel repair

Case Studies

Glasgow Subway SPT

Connaught Tunnel