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Cathodic Protection

What is cathodic protection?

Cathodic protection is a technique used to control the corrosion of metal by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell. Concrete assets are often reinforced using metal bars, therefore it is crucial to protect the metal from corrosion so it continues to offer the required support.

Freyssinet offers inspection and concrete testing services to assess and diagnose issues and provides innovative design solutions and CP installation. With extensive expertise in concrete repair, Freyssinet is able to deliver a complete asset repair and protection package.

Cathodic protection testing, inspection and installation is carried out by qualified engineers who ensure quality control systems are established for accurate reporting on asset management.

Routine cathodic protection monitoring is key to controlling long term repair and maintenance costs on such structures. Monitoring can take place above and below ground systems to ensure correct corrosion protection is in place and operating efficiently, and detailed monitoring reports are issued, highlighting any corrosion issues which enables remedial works to be prioritised.

Corrosion prevention is key to the asset protection of both old and new build structures. Undertaking the investigation and diagnosis of corrosion-related deterioration, Freyssinet Corrosion Control Services carries out work on reinforced concrete structures, historic and steel-framed buildings, ports and harbours and immersed pipelines.

Freyssinet Survey & Inspection Services

Consultancy and Technical Advice

Technical support is provided by our experienced engineers, ensuring an action-focused response to corrosion issues and practical cathodic protection assistance.
We provide comprehensive advice, design, and specifications for galvanic anode and impressed current cathodic protection systems (ICCP) for the protection of structures.
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Freyssinet’s cathodic protection services include:

  • Specialist testing, diagnostic surveys and inspections
  • Design, consultancy and technical advice
  • Cathodic protection installation services
  • Cathodic protection monitoring

Inspections and Surveys

Intrusive and non-destructive testing methods are used to identify the nature, cause and extent of deterioration, from steel-framed buildings to reinforced concrete structures. Freyssinet Survey & Inspection Services carries out diagnostic surveys, inspections and testing and provide comprehensive reports and technical support.

  • Visual surveys
  • Cover surveys
  • Hammer testing
  • Half-cell potential mapping
  • Carbonation testing
  • Dust sampling and chemical analysis
  • Core sampling
  • Continuity testing
  • Resistivity testing

Design and Material Supply

From conceptual and pre-tender design through to producing a detailed design, we incorporate a specification, calculations, drawings and materials requirements to ensure the correct manufacture and installation of the CP system.

Freyssinet supports its clients, consultants and contractors in the development and assessment of performance specifications or outline design for incorporation in a tender packages for pricing and development.

Freyssinet Survey & Inspection Services

Cathodic Protection Monitoring

Once a cathodic protection system is installed, routine monitoring and maintenance is essential to ensure longevity and mitigate long term repair and maintenance costs. We can provide bespoke monitoring systems for existing and new build structures using patented monitoring devices.

Cathodic Protection System Installation

With extensive experience in the application of cathodic protection, Freyssinet is able to offer innovative corrosion prevention solutions and a complete asset repair and protection package.
Our integrated services include concrete removal, concrete testing, concrete repair, protective coatings and structural strengthening, alongside the specialist design and installation of galvanic or impressed current cathodic protection solutions.