Protection – Prevention – Enhancement

Freyssicare accessories are designed to enhance and extend the life of bridge components, such as bearings and expansion joints. The Freyssicare collection offers effective protection to such components by shielding or diverting rainwater and airborne contaminants, the main cause of corrosion.


The BodygardeTM  is designed to accommodate movement of the bearing without compromising its effectiveness. The intelligent cover protects the bearing from water, dust and salt, while its hi-tech breathable material allows airflow, so the bearing is kept clean and dry but still accessible for inspections.

Freyssicare Bodygarde

Installation is straightforward and the attachment mechanisms are secure and weather resistant. They are easy to remove when required for bearing inspections or replacement. The clever design also allows for the inclusion of internal or external pockets to hold temperature and humidity monitoring equipment so the conditions effecting the bearing can be analysed.

To protect a bridge bearing from water, dust, salt and debris which can result in the degradation of the component.

The Bearing BodygardeTM is an effective encapsulation cover which protects the bearing from external elements.

The Bodygarde is custom-designed and made to suit all bearing types and sizes. Made from materials specially selected to suit the application.


  • Water resistant
  • Protects the bearing from water, salt and contaminants
  • Made from innovative, breathable material
  • Easy to remove/replace during bearing inspections
  • Custom-designed and made to fit all bearing types and sizes
  • Economic
  • Fire protection option available
  • Suitable for other bridge components
Freyssicare Aquagarde

The Freyssinet Aquagarde is a unique water drainage system for collecting and diverting rainwater away from areas of a structure that are not easy to seal, such as below an expansion joint.

The Aquagarde is custom-designed and made to suit all types and sizes of expansion joint. Installation is straightforward and the attachment mechanisms are secure and weather resistant. They are also easy to remove when required for inspections or replacement.

To drain, divert and collect water away from sensitive areas of a structure.

Freyssinet Aquagarde is an effective drainage system which collects run-off water and diverts it away from components of the structure which may be susceptible to corrosion.


  • Diverts water from corrosion-prone areas
  • Makes leaking joints watertight
  • Can be deployed as a rapid solution to existing problems
  • Easily removable to help maintain
  • Durable
  • Custom-made from translucent material, allowing for easy inspection
  • Economic installation

Download the Freyssicare Aquagarde datasheet

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