New Hope Shop Concrete Repair & Cathodic Protection, Watford

shop concrete repair67 Queens Street, New Hope Shop Concrete Repair & CP, Watford

Client: New Hope
Consultant: Pellings LLP
Principle Contractor: Freyssinet
Works Commenced: January 2018
Works Completed: January 2018

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Located in the centre of Watford, 67 Queens Road, home to the New Hope charity shop had undergone refurbishment, including treatment of the window frames which had been damaged due to water ingress over several years.

Built in the 1920s with steel framed windows, the building’s water ingress issue, caused by unmaintained box gutters had been repaired and liner installed during the external façade refurbishment, effectively preventing any further water ingress. The steel sections had been returned to a warm, dry environment, with the added benefit of free-air flow by way of vents installed during the replacement of the radial steel sections.

In this condition, Freyssinet proposed cathodic protection to the steel frame and concrete repairs.

Scope of works included:

  • Hammer tap survey to identify any hollow or deboning areas.
  • Removal of all loose encasement concrete to the 1st level cross beams above the 1st floor windows and columns, as identified by hammer tap survey. Reinstate with repair mortar, together with the installation of self-adhesive zinc plates to provide sacrificial galvanic cathode protection.

The works need to be carried out quickly and effectively, as there was limited time available to carry out the repairs before further refurbishments were due to take place.

Freyssinet’s site operations were commenced and completed within 10 days. The team ensured safe and careful installation, resulting in minimal disruption and virtually eliminating noise and dust, ideal for a shop locations.