‘Green Skills’ To Drive Up Demand For Civil Engineers By 10%

Research by EngineeringUK that shows there were 6.1m engineering jobs advertised in 2021, and this figure is expected to grow to 6.26m within the next 7 years.

The demand for civil engineers is set to increase by 10% by 2030, with a particular emphasis on roles that prioritise the environment. New Civil Engineer reports on research by EngineeringUK that shows there were 6.1 million engineering jobs advertised in 2021, and this figure is expected to grow to 6.26 million within the next seven years.

EngineeringUK chief executive Hilary Leevers said: “Given the soaring demand for engineers across all sectors, it’s essential that the UK has a robust plan and funding in place to train the future workforce, bringing more young people from all backgrounds into engineering and technology, alongside reskilling the current workforce.

“With the growth in green skills, and the central role engineers and technicians play in transitioning to a green economy and addressing climate change, ensuring that the sector has the skilled workforce needed to thrive is more urgent than ever.”

Civil engineering roles that are particularly focused on sustainability and the environment include principal engineers, quantity surveyors and geotechnical engineers.

The UK currently has various major engineering projects underway, such as HS2 and the upgrading of the existing TransPennine rail network. According to one of the most recent announcements from the Department of Transport, Salford Crescent and Manchester Victoria Stations will be the latest to benefit from an upgrade.

A third platform is due to be built at Salford Crescent, and improvements to the existing track will be made to ease congestion and reduce delays. At Manchester Victoria to the north of the city centre, extra platform passageways will be built. The £72 million upgrade package is intended to prepare the network for the introduction of an enhanced timetable from 2025.

The eventual aim of the upgrading programme across the whole of the Greater Manchester network is to prepare it for the introduction of more electric trains and the future HS2 service.

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