ElevArch® lecture at The Institution of Structural Engineers

Masonry arch expert Dr Bill Harvey will discuss the development and testing of ElevArch® – a revolutionary new technique for vertically jacking masonry bridge arches in a live-streamed lecture at The Institution of Structural Engineers HQ in London on Thursday 6 April.

Collaborating with Freyssinet, Dr Harvey was part of a team that explored cost-effective, alternative solutions to demolishing rail overbridges, which often becomes necessary when electrification or larger rolling stock needs to be accommodated on a line.

Following two years of research and development, the world’s first ElevArch® masonry bridge arch lift successfully took place in October 2016. The 161-year-old, 220 tonne masonry arch bridge at Moco Farm in Buckinghamshire was lifted 900mm using ten 50 tonne jacks.

ElevArch® is a patented technique where the arch of a bridge is cut free from its abutments and walls so it can be jacked upwards, enlarging the space beneath.

During the lecture, Bill will discuss the method and the technical difficulties of achieving such an innovative feat.

Register for a place online for free or join the livestream on 6 April 2017. The lecture will start at 18.00.

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