Cost Of Flood Repairs In Yorkshire Dales Could Hit £3m

It could cost up to £3 million to carry out the necessary repairs to roads and bridges in the Yorkshire Dales that have been damaged by flooding in recent weeks.

Rishi Sunak, the local MP, told the BBC that he would be asking for government support to repair the damaged infrastructure.

On 30 July, the Yorkshire Dales received a full month’s rainfall in just a few hours, resulting in flooding to around 100 homes and damage to roads and bridges across the region. One bridge near Grinton completely collapsed due to the amount of water that fell.

A temporary bridge will be erected to replace the structure in Grinton until it can be rebuilt, the county council revealed.

Mr Sunak told the news provider that he had already spoken to Grant Shapps, secretary of state for transport. “They are actively looking at the support they could provide to rebuild the bridges at Grinton and Cogden and get those roads open,” he asserted.

He added that he had also contacted the farming minister about potentially setting up a fund to help farmers who had been severely impacted by the heavy rain.

Whaley Bridge has been the focus of much media attention in the past week due to the damage caused to its dam. But one of the bridges in the Derbyshire town is also undergoing emergency repairs after high water levels eroded the riverbed on one side of the bridge. The work is to strengthen its foundations, the Buxton Advertiser reported.

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