Bearing Replacement – Medina Bridge Isle of Wight

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 17.05.30Bearing replacement services

Isle of Wight Council

Principal Contractor
Freyssinet Ltd

Contract Value

Contract Duration
6 Weeks

Work Commenced
October 2008

Work Completed
November 2008

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Medina Bridge is located in Newport, the principle town of the Isle of Wight, and carries the A3020 dual carriageway over the River Medina. The bridge comprises a pair of continuous three span pre-stressed insitu concrete decks with concrete abutments, piers and parapets.

Following a principal inspection in 2006, it was determined that 4 No. fixed end bearings needed to be replaced.

As a specialist in bridge bearing replacement services, Freyssinet was selected by the Isle of Wight Council as principle contractor for this project, responsible for the replacement of the deteriorated bearings and all other associated works.

New bearings were designed by Freyssinet’s in-house design team and manufactured at its factory site in Telford.

As the project had specific challenges presented by the unique top plate fixings, Freyssinet worked closely with the design team to solve and tackle any issues before they arose.

The scope of works included the design and manufacture of new bearings, site setup, design and implementation of temporary works (jacking of the bridge deck), traffic management, hydrodemolition of the bearing shelves, installation of new bearings and reconstruction of the bearing shelves.

The works were carried out to the satisfaction of the client and all parties involved.

1 Medina Bridge
2 Original bearing / Temporary jacking
3 Site works
4 Site works