Row Over Bridge Removal In Peterborough

Peterborough City Council has been forced to halt plans to remove a pedestrian and cycle bridge that crosses the busy A47 after local residents complained and more than 5,000 signed a petition calling on the council to examine other options.

Rhubarb Bridge is coming to the end of its life, according to the council, which had planned to demolish the structure and replace it with a series of Toucan crossings at the roundabout that separates Lincoln Road and Bourges Boulevard.

This would include pedestrian crossings over the A47 slip roads, as well as extra lanes being put in on the slip roads for motorists, the Peterborough Telegraph reports.

However, local residents have called on the council to rethink their plans and look at ways of funding a replacement bridge.

As a result, the council announced that it may use some of the £5.5 million set aside for the demolition of the bridge and installation of the Toucan crossings to carry out bridge repairs to allow the crossing to be used until it is able to source funding for a replacement.

Campaigners want to see a full debate on the issue, and are keen for councillors to host a public meeting to discuss the proposals as well.

In the petition that has been set up on the city council’s website, campaigners explain that they are also worried about the impact Toucan crossings could have on local air quality and how this would therefore affect pedestrians and cyclists.

The new petition will be online until the beginning of December this year.

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