Freyssinet shortlisted in Railway Industry Innovation Awards

Freyssinet has been shortlisted in the environment category for the Railway Industry Innovation Awards.

railway industryThe Railway Industry Innovation Awards celebrate the achievements of companies and individuals who are pushing the industry forward by developing innovative ideas. This year’s award ceremony will take place on Friday 23 June at the Paddington Hilton in London.

Freyssinet’s patented ElevArch® technique has been shortlisted on the basis of its innovative concept and sustainable approach. The revolutionary technique for vertically jacking masonry bridge arches will minimise intrusion to the rail environment compared to other techniques, significantly reducing cost, time and resources required, which in turn will reduce any potential impact on the environment.

A panel of industry experts will judge the shortlisted entries across eight different categories – environment, passenger experience, cross-industry partnership, operations and performance, engineering, safety, small-scale projects and major projects. The selected winners will be presented with a cut glass engraved vase from Dartington Glass at the ceremony in June.

Following two years of research and development, Freyssinet undertook the world’s first ElevArch® masonry bridge arch lift in October 2016. The 161-year-old, 220 tonne masonry arch bridge at Moco Farm in Buckinghamshire was lifted 900mm using ten 50 tonne jacks. To find out more about ElevArch®, email