Norfolk Bridges Identified As Needing Repairs

A number of bridges in Norfolk that are part of an old railway line and now form a popular walking and cycling route are in need of repairs.

This is according to a report that is set to go before Broadland District Council in the coming weeks, the Eastern Daily Press revealed. The work across all the structures is estimated to cost £640,000.

The report also warns that the work on these bridges will need to be carried out within the next five years, with some costs expected to “significantly” increase if action isn’t taken sooner rather than later.

One such example is the bridge on Marriott’s Way, which crosses the River Wensum. This bridge needs waterproofing and repainting, at an estimated cost of £150,000, which would be cheaper than removing the structure altogether.

In addition, if the bridge were removed, it would result in Marriott’s Way being cut short. As a result, cabinet member for economic development at Broadland District Council Stuart Clancy suggested that Norfolk County Council and North Norfolk District Council could share the costs of the work.

Although the bridge itself is owned by Broadland, the rest of the trail is owned by the county council, while the structure is also within North Norfolk’s jurisdiction.

Mr Clancy commented: “I appreciate they [the councils] might not willingly say ‘thank you very much, here is the money’ but they do have an interest in these bridges.”

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