New Firth Of Forth Bridge To Open

A new bridge described as a ‘feat of engineering’ will open this week, potentially making use of the latest developments in finger expansion joints.

The exciting new bridge, which has been built over Firth the Forth, will be opened on September 4th by her majesty the Queen, who will be accompanied by Nicola Sturgeon at the event.

The new forth bridge crossing cost a staggering £1.35 billion from design to completion and will be open for motorists to use from August 30th, however it will close again on the 2nd and 3rd of September to give the public the chance to walk across, according to the BBC.

The ceremony has been planned to take place exactly 53 years to the day that Her Majesty opened the Old Forth Road Bridge, with the new design replacing this as the main transport link from Edinburgh to Fife.

On the day of the ceremony celebrations and events will commence at both sides of the bridge, with special appearances, speeches and music.

Nicola Sturgeon spoke to BBC News and said: “Importantly, this celebratory event will recognise the thousands of people who have been involved in the construction of the new bridge … The Queensferry Crossing is a symbol of a confident, forward-looking Scotland.”

Since the plans were unveiled in 2007, over 15,000 people have played a part in the make-up of the bridge and it has provided the local area with around 1,200 new jobs. The grand opening has attracted a large amount of tourists from around the world, with 250,000 applying for tickets to attend.