New Bridge To Be Erected Over M6

If you work in the structural engineering sector you’ll know how much planning goes in building a new bridge and how important it is to have the best materials such as elastomeric bearings to work with.

With lots of new road works and bridges being instructed all over the UK to improve our transport links, the latest huge project is a new bridge planned to be erected over the M6, according to Construction News.

As part of a £50 million project to upgrade and improve the motorway junction. It will see Junction 19, where motorists on the M6 transition onto the A556 on both sides of the motorway, experience less congestion.

It will also be great news for locals of Knutsford like horse riders, cyclists and pedestrians, with improvements to traffic lights and pavements providing increased routes. The planning proposal in 2016 received a staggering three-quarters of drivers backing the plans.

Project manager Irene Ofei who works for highway England spoke to Construction news and said: “We are delighted to announce the scheme we are taking forward is the one which was the overwhelming choice of people taking part in last year’s consultation”.

The changes to this part of the M6 will not only benefit the locals of the junction, but also anyone using the M6 in either direction as congestion will be cut dramatically. The roundabout once in place will be able to handle a greater amount of traffic passing through, avoiding queues from junction 19 overflowing down onto the M6.