Highways England Details ‘Intensely Complex’ Clifton Bridge Repair Work

Details have been released by Highways England about the next phase of repairs due to repair Clifton Bridge on the A52.

Details have been released by Highways England about the next phase of repairs due to repair Clifton Bridge on the A52 after corroded steel inside the concrete was discovered during a routine inspection back in February this year.

According to the Nottingham Post, there will be lane closures in place until the end of 2020. Highways England has worked closely with engineers on the fine details of the renovation project and has already carried out repairs to the drainage systems, and the steel and concrete hollow boxes beneath the bridge.

Nottingham briefly became the most congested city in the world when the essential route into the city was subject to a near-complete closure.

The details of the next phase of the substantial repair works include the installation of steel cables on the exterior of the bridge, as well as replacement of the steel and concrete that was removed during the routine investigations within the structure.

The repairs and steel strengthening work that will be taking place inside the bridge’s structure will be undertaken out of sight by motorists driving over the bridge, above the work area.

Highways England has said it is aiming to complete the next phase and reopen the bridge fully to traffic again by the end of the year, but the lane closures will remain in place until the work is fully completed below the bridge.

The repair work during the next phase will be concentrated on areas of the bridge south of the river, near to and over the B679 Clifton Lane, during which time two of the four lanes will be closed. This will ensure one lane of traffic will continue to travel in each direction from the mini roundabout/A52 slip road to the Christadelphians church.

Highways England will be closing all four lanes overnight, from 8 pm to 6 am on Saturday 20 June and Sunday 21 June to safely put in place the lane restrictions. Motorists are being advised to allow extra time for their journeys as the easing lockdown means more people will be travelling to and from work and shops.

A Highways England spokesperson said: “We appreciate the inconvenience this causes and continue to work with local partners as we work together to keep the city moving. We are complying with Public Health England’s guidance on social distancing measures and continue to follow government advice.

“All our sites have strict safeguarding measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and none of our sites are open to the public.”

Highways England’s Midlands regional director, Catherine Brookes, added: “Our work at Clifton Bridge will ensure it can be used for years to come. With substantial repairs getting underway, our priority is to complete work as soon as we safely can and to keep disruption to a minimum where we can.

“The repair we need to carry out is intensely complex. We will open more lanes as soon as we are able and thank everyone affected for their patience while we carry out this essential work.”

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