Streatham Hub is a multi-million pound regeneration project by Lambeth Council in partnership with Tesco. The Hub site covers the old ice rink and leisure centre between Streatham High Road and Streatham Station.


The development includes the construction of a replacement sports centre and ice rink, the Tesco store, a bus interchange close to the station, a public square and new homes. The Hub is expected to create around 600 new jobs for Streatham when it opens in 2013.


The project involves an undercroft car park, two storeys of retail store and a transfer structure above that which supports the residential blocks. To one side is the bus interchange, energy centre and service yard all above more undercroft parking. To the other side is a link block and the leisure centre, including the new ice rink and swimming pools. The total post-tensioned slab area on the project is expected to be 21,250m2.
During the tender stage Freyssinet supported VINCI with value engineering options which assisted in winning VINCI the contract. The majority of these options are now being taken forward into construction as follows: • The Tescos Store was a 600mm deep cobiax (voided) slab spanning 16×7.5m car park grid. This has been replaced by 2400x550mm deep PT beams and 250mm PT slabs, thus saving 50mm of dig across the 75x75m store footprint. • The Bus Hub and Service Yard support HA loading and comprised 1600x900mm deep RC beams with 450mm RC slabs. The adopted PT solution has 425mm fl at slabs with 3m2x550mm OA depth drop heads at columns. • The Link Block contains a 400mm deep PT transfer slab with 1200sq x 550 OA deep column caps at level 1. This carries 5 levels of metsec residential block above. Previously, in RC, this slab was a 600mm deep solid slab. • The ground level of the Link Block has been post-tensioned too (previously 600mm deep RC cobiax, now 350mm PT flat slab). By post-tensioning isolated beams, previous head room clashes with vehicle ramps below have been solved. • The Ice Rink slab was designed as PT by Halcrow Yolles from the outset because of the extremely fine deflection control required. It typically consists of 1000x1400mm deep beams and 300mm deep slabs.

Freyssinet Limited was appointed as the specialist PT contractor for this contract in August 2011 and design works have commenced. Construction work will commence in April 2012 and the PT slabs are due to be completed by January 2013.
Streatham Hub, along with Hoe Street and Wade Deacon School are examples of contracts where Freyssinet is supporting VINCI Construction bid teams at tender stage. This synergy between companies is giving them an edge through proposals to use post-tensioning and innovative engineering.