Freyssinet Limited has recently been awarded three further contracts within the Highways Agency Area 9 &10, Construction Management Framework. The works, which commenced on site in March 2012, include: • A40 Bridstow Bridge – Concrete bridge repair, cathodic protection, bearing refurbishment and joints • M50 Queenhill Viaduct Phase 3 – Concrete repair, cathodic protection and drainage works • M50 Pendock Sledge and Queens Arms – Concrete repair, cathodic protection and joints The CMF is a collaborative approach to maintaining £75billion worth of assets for HA in these areas over the next 4 years. It consists of a number of different contractors from different specialist areas who work together to deliver network improvement and maintenance schemes on the all purpose trunk road and motorways in Highways Agency Area 9 and 10, which covers much of the West Midlands and North West. Freyssinet Ltd, and their sister company Corrosion Control Services Ltd (CCSL), both form part of the CMF, having been selected for their skills and experience in concrete structure repairs and concrete corrosion prevention techniques. To date Freyssinet Ltd and CCSL have completed six other contracts under the CMF agreement: • AC5/AC7 Gravelly Hill – Concrete repair, bridge bearing replacement works and cathodic protection • Oldbury Viaduct – Cathodic protection • M6 Rayhall Viaduct – Concrete repair and cathodic protection • M50 Kempley Road Bridge – Concrete bridge repair • M5 Northway Decks – Concrete repair and deck strengthening • Bromford Viaduct – Concrete repair and cathodic protection The CMF contract is different to the traditional sub contract relationship. It is based on partnering, encouraging open working relationships and providing opportunity to develop and share innovative practices.