Freyssinet free webinars – series two

Due to the high demand and positive feedback we received for the webinars we launched in April, we are delighted to launch a new series of online webinar sessions throughout May, June and July. We remain committed to the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers and communities during this time, but also to keeping the construction industry moving and talking. 

Freyssinet has been at the forefront of building and infrastructure in the UK for 70 years. We have undertaken some of the most interesting and structurally complex repair and construction projects, both here in the UK and across the globe. With this in mind, our second series of free webinars covers new and exciting topics, plus additional sessions of popular discussions from the first series. 

Our new programme is listed below: 

SessionWebinar topicDATETime (UK time)
1Bridge bearings, jacking and temporary works21/05/2014:00 – 15:00
2The strengthening of the Hammersmith Flyover, London04/06/2014:00 – 15:00
3Expansion joints, joint selection considerations and accessories11/06/2014:00 – 15:00
4Elevarch: Freyssinet’s technique for jacking masonry arches18/06/2014:00 – 15:00
5Autofonçage: Freyssinet’s technique for structure sliding25/06/2014:00 – 15:00
6New build and repair applications of post-tensioning for buildings, bridges and civil engineering structures02/07/2014:00 – 15:00
7Freyssinet UK solutions for rail and high speed rail09/07/2014:00 – 15:00
8Freyssinet UK solutions for highways16/07/2014:00 – 15:00
9Freyssinet UK solutions for building refurbishment: An introduction to Foreva Concrete Repairs Ltd.17/07/2014:00 – 15:00

To register, please email with your name and the date of the webinar/s that you wish to attend. 

Following the webinar, you will be issued with a certificate of attendance.