Chesham House Flat Jack Installation

Flat Jack Installation for Building Refurbishment, Flat 2, Chesham House, London

Principal Contractor: TB Engineering (Herts) Ltd
Works Commenced: July 2018
Works Completed: July 2018

Download the case study PDF here.

The refurbishment of Flat 2 in Chesham House, London included the demolition of walls to create a large apartment with open space.

As the operation would have a direct effect on the structure, the designer included the installation of a truss metal frame in order to accommodate the load of the floors above.

To transfer the load into this metal structure, Freyssinet proposed to install flat jacks and energize them until the full load was transferred. Freyssinet carried out the installation and loading of 3 no Ref 12 transfusion flat jacks, suitable for grout inflation. Two qualified operatives carried out the flat installation and energizing in less than a day, meaning the client was able to continue further works without any delay to the programme.

Flat jack installation