Dumbarton Rail Bridges To Be Strengthened In £7m Upgrade

Dumbarton’s railway bridges are being given additional structural strengthening work as part of a £7 million rolling programme in the area funded by Network Rail.

Work is being carried out on 11 structures, including drainage operations, deck replacements, steel strengthening and painting, Rail Professional reports.

The scheme is part of a rolling structural maintenance programme that aims to extend the lifespan of the rail bridges to keep the rail network safe and reliable. The work is due to be complete in 2019.

“We have a responsibility to maintain and preserve these bridges, not just for the safe and efficient operation of the railway, but also how they look in their setting for those travelling on the railway or on the road network below,” Network Rail programme manager Billy McKay was quoted as saying.

Throughout the work, Network Rail is cooperating with the West Dunbartonshire Council to manage traffic and ensure the safe delivery of the task in hand, while keeping road closures and commuter disruption to a minimum.

“We are sure that the improvements on these structures will be welcomed by the many people who drive under them, or travel over them by rail,” said McKay.

Recently the Construction Enquirer reported that Network Rail wishes to overhaul its rail tunnels.

Many of Network Rail’s 335km of rail tunnels were constructed over a century ago in Victorian times, with brick linings that need maintaining in addition to work to improve gauge and electrification within the tunnels to ensure the tunnels are fit and safe for modern rail travel.

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