Concrete Structure Repairs For Spaghetti Junction

Highways England has been working closely with Birmingham City Council to plan essential concrete structure repairs for Spaghetti Junction, one of the most iconic road structures in the UK.

Roadworks will take place from June 27th and are likely to continue until Christmas, although Highways England has said that engineers will not be able to tell just how much concrete damage has occurred until the carriageway is shut and the road surface has been removed.

The work will be carried out at junction 6 on the M6 and on the A38(M) Aston expressway, lasting up to 24 weeks with some closures on weekends. The majority of the work will take place between 20:00 and 06:00, however.

“If we don’t act now, water will cause more and more damage in the structure, corroding the steel reinforcement bars and causing damage to the concrete itself. Leaving it alone is not really an option and would mean bigger and more disruptive roadworks in future,” Jess Kenny, Highways England project manager, said.

Similarly, a resurfacing project costing £1.5 million is now underway between Millness and Carnforth in Cumbria, with the work expected to last eight weeks. All three carriageways will be resurfaced, with added protection installed against bridge strikes. Drainage repairs, new road markings and new reflective road studs will also be included.

The move will ensure that motorists will be able to enjoy both smooth and safe journeys on this section of road. Peter Gee, project manager, confirmed that all will be done to help minimise any inconvenience to drivers as a result of the work.