Concrete Repairs After The Floods

As people watched in shock as the main bridge in Tadcaster collapsed during floods last winter, many minds turned to the concrete repairs that will now be needed across the country.

The large stone bridge collapsed during flooding, though it is not yet know what caused the collapse to occur and whether it was due to the sheer weight of water or poor repair of the bridge.

The collapse of the bridge also caused disruption to gas supply to homes and businesses in the area, adding to the overall disruption of the floods, the BBC reported.

Many other areas also suffered significant damage over winter, including York, Manchester, Leeds and areas in the Pennines and Scotland.

The flooding caused damage to buildings whether or not they were in a state of disrepair. However, buildings that were not in an adequate state of repair were more susceptible to rain damage, corrosion and even collapse.

That said, concrete is rarely damaged beyond repair by water as even concrete that is submerged in water for a long time with absorb significant amounts of water, and it will be easy for it to dry out quickly.

Concrete can be repaired after flood waters have subsided and it has dried out. Concrete can be reinforced, or injections can be made to repair cracks. Areas can also be replaced cheaply if required.

We can offer both surveys to review structural damage as well as providing information on the best ways to repair any damage that may have occurred due to flooding.