Despite its many undoubted qualities, unfortunately concrete does not last for ever. The state of any potential concrete structure repair needs to be professionally assessed, so that the appropriate steps can be taken to ensure the safety of the structure, as well as its sustained durability for the future. Freyssinet are able to offer a complete solutions package for any concrete structure, no matter how large it may be, and no matter how much it may need in the way of concrete repairs. By using sustainable technologies, Freyssinet are able to do more, but with less materials and energy, which sets them apart from the competition. Freyssinet can offer a full range of integrated concrete enhancement solutions, including: concrete repair, concrete replacement, hydrodemolition, wall sawing and diamond coring. Concrete repairs are perhaps the most effective way that Freyssinet can prolong the life of your structure. If the concrete shows signs of cracking, if it is spalled, if it has become honeycombed or damaged in any other way, a concrete repair, or in more extensive areas, concrete repairs, may be the answer.

Before any concrete repair work is completed, thorough testing needs to be carried out to assess the true nature of any damage or degradation. Freyssinet are able to offer a comprehensive range of tests to accurately identify and diagnose any problems, before advising on what structural concrete refurbishment is required. These tests can also identify any underlying causes that may need to be addressed, saving additional expense for concrete repairs later on. Once the appropriate type of concrete repair is identified, a range of techniques are available, including: leak sealing, sprayed concrete, pressure resin injection, vacuum resin injection, or a combination of pressure and vacuum resin injection using epoxy, or patch and thin bond repairs using high quality, modified mortars.

If the concrete is in poor condition, it may be that a concrete repair is not a viable option. Concrete replacement may be necessary, and once again, Freyssinet have a range of solutions available. Before any replacement can begin, defective concrete will need to be removed. As part of your total Freyssinet solution, removal can be performed by conventional breaking out, or by using hydrodemolition techniques, by Freyssinet’s own in-house team.

Hydrodemolition utilises high pressure water jets, and can be used in small and large areas alike. It can also be used for the removal of coatings, which will then provide an excellent surface for repair materials or new coatings to bond to. This technique reduces the risk of potential harm caused by vibrations, cleans existing steel re-enforcement whilst causing no damage, eliminates dust and debris, and can result in a more efficient programme.

The Freyssinet team have over twenty years of experience in a wide range of hydrodemolition applications. As well as being highly trained and experienced, you can rest assured that they conform with, and adhere to, all the latest health and safety and quality standards of the industry. Once the old concrete has been removed, Freyssinet will replace this with high performance concretes and mortars.

Concrete repairs and replacement are only part of a wide range of complimentary services offered by Freyssinet. Whether your project involves concrete bridge repair, concrete building repair, or any other kind of concrete structure repair, Freyssinet can offer a holistic package of products and services. Diagnosis, prevention and cure, are all part of the service offered by a company with the reputation, credentials and experience that have secured them landmark projects for the Highways Agency, and many others.

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