Concrete Repair and Cathodic Protection – B1382 Prickwillow Bridge, Cambridgeshire

cathodic protectionConcrete Repair and Cathodic Protection

Skanska Cambridge

Atkins – Steve Salter


Works Commenced
May 2014

Contract Duration
12 weeks

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The B1382 Prickwillow Bridge crosses the River Lark to the east of Ely in Cambridgeshire.

The deck end halving joints on the bridge were suffering from delaminated concrete and reinforcement corrosion caused by chloride contamination.

The scope of the work to be completed by Freyssinet included bridge deck and soffit repairs along with the installation of a cathodic protection ICCP System.

To enable marine traffic to continue, floating platforms were utilised for access to the underside of the bridge, to which aluminium towers were erected for the repair process and installation of CP systems. Navigation permits had to be sought prior to works commencing and a subsequent restriction meant that only 50% of the river could be blocked at any one time, so the underside had to be repaired in two phases.

Road closure meant the arterial route through village was inaccessible, so timely programme completion was critical. A temporary roof was installed so inclement weather would not affect programme.

Following the completion of the concrete repair works, an impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) system was installed. A remote monitoring and control system was developed by Remco Systems in conjunction with CCSL Ltd.