Concrete Repair, Bearing Replacement, Jacking & Cathodic Protection – Town Road Bridge

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 18.00.43Client
Stoke City Council

Principal Contractor
Galliford Try

Works Commenced
April 2013

Works Completed
June 2013

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The Town Road bridge in Stoke carries the B5407 over the A50 Potteries Way.

Freyssinet was appointed to repair the bridge having won the competitive tender. This followed an initital design contribution/award carried out in the previous year.

Work consisted of concrete repairs to the abutment shelf including the replacement of reinforcement.

In addition to this, the work also required the bridge bearings to be replaced after they had corroded beyond an acceptable standard, as a result of water leakage over a prolonged period through the movement joint above.

This required jacking of the structure using Freyssinet’s lifting expertise and equipment, including jacks and temporary bearings (both free sliding and guided). This enabled the team to remove the defective concrete in stages whilst maintaining live load, before installing new free sliding and guided permanent bearings (manufactured in stainless steel).

Freyssinet also carried out half cell testing to the structure prior to installing sacrificial anodes. The shelf and bearing plinths were reinstated with flowable concrete.

Whilst the works were being carried out, Freyssinet was able to identify the source of the water leak into the movement joint allowing the client to remove the problem.