Freyssinet Limited is an expert provider of concrete bridge repairs and structural concrete refurbishment. Owing to their experience and excellent track-record in bridge and highway structure repair and all aspects of concrete repair, the Highways Agency and numerous Local Authorities are regular clients. Coatings Pore-lining impregnants are often applied to bridges exposed to chlorides before they are opened to traffic. However, when the level of chloride reaches reinforcement depth the coating will not stop corrosion and permanent concrete bridge repairs will need to be done. Patch Repairs Patch concrete repairs have historically been the conventional method of concrete bridge repair. However, this method requires the removal of undamaged (but chloride-contaminated) concrete which is otherwise in sound condition. In addition, patch repairs inevitably increase the corrosion in surrounding areas of concrete. Electro-chemical Cathodic Protection (CP) – Concrete Corrosion Prevention The Cathodic Protection method does not require the removal and replacement of chloride-contaminated, but otherwise sound, concrete. This significantly cuts concrete quantities and reduces on-site working time, minimising the cost of concrete repairs to bridges and highway structures. Hydro-demolition for Bridge and Highway Structure Repair As part of its forward-thinking approach to structural concrete refurbishment, Freyssinet offers clients the advantages of hydro-demolition concrete removal by their own in-house teams. Efficient Concrete Removal Hydro-demolition is a high-pressure, water-jetting technique for the efficient removal of both damaged and sound concrete. It can be used with equal effectiveness on small areas of localised damage, for extensive concrete repairs preparation and for removing existing concrete coatings. Hydro-demolition is an excellent preparation for concrete repairs, leaving a perfect bonding surface for new coatings and all types of concrete repair material. Advantages of Hydro-demolition for Bridge and Highway Structure Repair Hydro-demolition offers a number of important advantages in comparison to conventional concrete removal methods used in concrete bridge repairs and other concrete structures e.g. jackhammer removal. • Eliminates all dust and debris • Cleans existing reinforcing steel • More efficient process reducing on-site programme • No damage to reinforcing steel • No hand-arm vibration injuries • No vibrations ensures no cracking or micro fractures in the structure • Surfaces are prepared perfectly to key-in new concrete and receive mesh overlay Experienced Team The Freyssinet Limited hydro-demolition team is highly trained with more than 20 years of solid experience in hydro-demolition applications including concrete bridge repairs and all types of concrete structures. Health, Safety and Quality The hydro-demolition team wears the latest TST PPE, including 2000 bar-rated bib and brace, TST safety gaiters to cover safety wellington boots and TST waistcoats. Freyssinet Limited is an Accredited Full Member of the Water Jetting Association – with a representative on the Technical Committee. All of their work is carried out with rigorous adherence to the Water Jetting Association’s Code of Practice. Hydro-demolition is an important component of Freyssinet Limited’s unique, one-stop service for concrete bridge and highway structure repairs. Other services include: • Bearing replacement • Carbon-fibre strengthening • Cathodic protection • Coatings • Concrete repairs • Core drilling • Grit blasting • Jacking • Wall sawing