Freyssinet Limited has been providing first-class structural concrete repairs in Scotland and the rest of the UK for more than 30 years, offering a comprehensive range of structural concrete refurbishment and long-term repair techniques depending on the type of structure, the type of damage and the extent of concrete deterioration. Concrete Bridge and Concrete Building Repair in Scotland Freyssinet is a specialist bearing manufacturer producing standard and customised bearing design for concrete bridge repairs. If required, prior to bearing replacement, inspection and testing is carried out by our experts in Scotland. Freyssinet’s expert services include every other aspect of a high quality concrete bridge repair. The range of techniques available for concrete bridge and concrete building repairs in Scotland includes: • Modified mortars for patch and thin-bond repairs • Pressure and vacuum injection using epoxy, polyester and cementitious grout • Sprayed concrete – both wet- and dry-sprayed concrete structural repairs • Expert hydrodemolition concrete removal Hand- and machine-applied concrete repair mortar is appropriate for structural and non-structural concrete repairs. Hand application is suitable for small-scale concrete repairs and sprayed concrete is used on large-scale structural concrete refurbishment. Strengthening Freyssinet offers a range of highly effective strengthening techniques for structural concrete refurbishment in Scotland to prolong the life-span of existing structures or allow a change of use. These high-grade concrete structure repairs include: • Column strengthening, • Bridge deck strengthening • Raising allowable floor slab loads • Strengthening around new openings External post-tensioning This method is especially suitable for concrete bridge strengthening and Freyssinet offer an expert in-house design and installation service of supplemental post-tensioning to existing structures. Additional tendons can be fitted within the structure or externally depending on the size of the bridge. External post-tensioning is also a highly effective concrete structure repair technique for upgrading circular storage tanks in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Plate bonding Plate bonding is carried out by Freyssinet to provide an excellent strengthening method for under-strength beams and floor slabs. Freyssibar high-strength bars Freyssibars are versatile, high-strength bars used to introduce pre-stress into existing areas which are subject to bursting force or high stress concentrations. For example, concrete structure repair to bridge deck diaphragms, anchorage regions and column heads. In addition, Freyssibars provide a significant increase in load-carrying capacity and are a suitable alternative to plate bonding. FRP Composites Freyssinet also offers TFC®, a carbon-fibre product developed by the Freyssinet Group. TFC® has numerous strengthening applications for concrete structural repairs in Scotland. For example, beam strengthening, column-wrapping, reinforcement around new openings and floor slab strengthening. Freyssinet One-stop Design and Build Service Strengthening techniques required for concrete bridge and concrete building repairs demand careful consideration of the existing and desired loading regimes to assess what strengthening methods are viable and to facilitate a technically appropriate, cost-effective design. Freyssinet has a highly-qualified and experienced team available to offer clients a comprehensive design and build service for concrete repairs in Scotland. Innovative Techniques Innovative Cathodic Protection (CP), Chloride Migration and Re-alkalisation are modern techniques which have been used with success in hundreds of structures worldwide. Furthermore, electro-chemical methods have been approved by the Highways Agency for use in concrete corrosion prevention in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Chloride Migration is available as a technique for structural concrete refurbishment in Scotland, providing an excellent concrete corrosion prevention treatment. Re-alkalisation is the newest method for carbonated concrete structures in Scotland and worldwide. Freyssinet Limited is a forward-thinking and highly experienced company, offering technically sound and cost-effective concrete repair and structural concrete refurbishment techniques in Scotland and the UK.