Cathodic Protection Guide for Students

Cathodic protection guide

Cathodic protection guide

Freyssinet and Corrosion Control Service Limited’s (CCSL) student guide on ‘How to Prevent an EXPLOSION of Corrosion!’ is now available to download.

Created for The Big Bang North West STEM event held in Liverpool in July 2017, the handout gives a student-friendly overview of metal reactivity and corrosion, the history and uses of cathodic protection and information on a career in engineering.

The Big Bang North West is a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) celebration for primary and secondary school children, led by EngineeringUK. The event aims to inspire young people, enabling them to discover exciting and rewarding STEM based careers, talk to business and industry experts and take part in fun, interactive activities.

Students learnt about the corrosion of metals and the importance of cathodic protection, watched an impressed current system demonstrate how CP works and took home a copy of the Explosion of Corrosion handout, which is available to view online or download on our brochure download page. Please note copyright of the handout belongs to Freyssinet.