Freyssinet heads to Uganda for Bridges to Prosperity

A team from Freyssinet is set to take part in Bridges to Prosperity (B2P), a non-profit scheme aiming to break the isolation of communities in underprivileged countries by building footbridges – providing people with safe access to health care, education and economic opportunity.

Following the success of last year’s initiative, Freyssinet has joined forces with Swiss engineering consultant T-Ingénierie for the B2P project, sending five volunteers from each company to lead the construction of a new footbridge in Kapkombola, Uganda.

The Freyssinet team, made up of Nicolas Kaczkowski, Technical Department (Paris), Laetitia Dubois, Major Projects Department (Paris), Pham Duy Quyet, Freyssinet Vietnam, Bart Degreef, Freyssinet Belgium and Wojciech Kazek, Freyssinet UK is set to depart for Uganda on 12 January.

Bridges to Prosperity

Freyssinet and T-Ingénierie will collaborate with B2P and workers from the Kurumbono community to build the bridge, which will improve the lives of over 690 people who live there. In order to access health care, schools and food markets, locals currently have to cross the river balancing on tree trunks, and during flood season (four to five months of the year) crossing is too dangerous. The new 40-metre suspended bridge will provide safe, year-round access to vital resources.

Wojciech Kazek, Design Engineer for Freyssinet UK will co-lead the logistics of the project. Ahead of his trip to Uganda, Wojciech said: “I volunteered to take part as I find Bridges to Prosperity a great initiative, which also fits perfectly with what Freyssinet does. Besides contributing to the well-being of a community, I expect to find lots of different challenges, which will be a great experience and adventure. I love working as part of a team and can’t wait to build something that will have such significance to people.”

A crowdfunding account has been started to raise funds for the project. If you would like more information on the project, or would like to donate, visit:

In February 2018, COWI and Freyssinet took part in Bridges to Prosperity’s construction of a footbridge in Rwanda. Watch the video here: