M20 Motorway Closed After Bridge Collapses

A bridge caused major chaos over the Bank Holiday weekend after it collapsed when hit by a lorry carrying a digger.

The footbridge on the M20 fell down on the motorway heading towards London on Saturday (August 27th), resulting in severe delays and forcing the popular motorway to close shortly afterwards.

The accident, which occurred between junctions three and four, left one motorcyclist injured with suspected broken ribs as he threw himself off his bike to avoid hitting any falling debris.

Major work will be needed for bridge repairs, as only half the structure remains standing, despite the road opening again to motorists a day after the incident.

In all, two cranes were used to help clear the motorway as quickly as possible, as traffic queues reached 15 miles long.

The closure of the Kent motorway, which links London with the Channel Tunnel and Dover, resulted in severe disruptions to holidaymakers over the weekend, with many people hoping to use the road as part of their travel plans.

In addition to the M20 closing, part of the M26 eastbound was shut to assist with the traffic management and to help clear up the accident.

This resulted in more delays to drivers, with an expected ten million people to have driven on Saturday.

Indeed, the AA estimated 13 million people would have used UK motorways over the weekend for their holiday.

Many people are likely to have missed ferry or Eurostar connections due to the M20 delays, which would have deeply impacted their vacation plans.