Bridge Refurbishment & Strengthening – Bielmill Bridge, Dunbar

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East Lothian Council

Principal Contractor
Freyssinet Makers

Contract Value

22 Weeks

Works Commenced
March 2008

Works Completed
September 2008

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Built circa 1900, Bielmill bridge comprises of a supported concrete deck constructed from concrete beams spanning 11m over an existing minor road.

In March 2008, Freyssinet Makers were engaged as Principle Contractor by East Lothian Council to undertake the structural refurbishment and strengthening of bridge while maintaining the bridge’s natural features.

The works include the following scope of works, and all associated temporary works and traffic c management:

• Removal of the reinforced concrete bridge deck whilst retaining the
existing parapets.
• Installation of a new composite steel deck on new bridge bearings.
• Concrete repairs to existing parapets and edge beams.
• Installation of a cathodic protection system.
• Waterproofi ng of bridge deck
• Reinstatement and resurfacing of the road.

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