Brussels Concrete Repairs Delayed By… Mice!

It seems as though concrete repairs on key road tunnels in Brussels have been delayed by an unforeseen complication – mice have been blamed for eating the original blueprints for the project, which involved sorting out years of decay and crumbling concrete.

According to the Daily Telegraph, serious traffic jams have been seen in these tunnels and now a parliamentary commission has been established to assess just how the 7.1 miles of tunnels have fallen into such a state of disrepair and whether there is any chance of saving them.

Christian De Buysshcher is the one-time head of roads for the company in charge of the tunnels and he confirmed that the original plans for the tunnels were archived back in 1989 inside a pier beneath a viaduct because there were no proper offices at the time. There they have stayed for 20 years – and when workers came to move them to a storage room in 2010 it was found that they had been munched by mice.

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