Bridge In Blackpool Set To Reopen Soon After Repair Work

Squire Gates Bridge in Blackpool will re-open later this month following bridge repair work that has caused travel disruptions in the city.

From next Friday (March 16th), the public will be able to use the structure once more, after it has been closed for maintenance since November 2017.

This also means bus services for the no 7, 11 and 18 will be back to normal from 25 March as their routes had to be diverted while improvements were made to the bridge, Blackpool Gazette reports.

Marketing manager at Blackpool Transport Shane Grindey said everything is being done to “keep any disruption to a minimum”, while also making sure passengers are able to access good travel services.

“With Squires Gate Bridge reopening, journey times will be quicker and we’re again able to provide a more direct link between Cleveleys, Blackpool, St Annes and Lytham,” he stated.

Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for highways councillor Fred Jackson added that the bridge repairs “have been done satisfactorily”. Work has also been completed ahead of schedule, as it was not meant to re-open until 25th March, hence why the bus services will not resume until then.

Despite the earlier reopening of the bridge, the bus routes could not go back to normal until the agreed date as Blackpool Transport failed to register its services in time. It has to confirm its routes 56 days ahead of running them, and the council did not announce the expected relaunch date of the bridge until the end of January.

Another important transport service to reopen this month is Blackpool North Train Station. Commuters travelling between Blackpool and Preston will once again be able to use the facility from Monday 26th March, following railway upgrade work on the line.