Blackpool Bridge Repairs Could Take Several Months

Bridge bearing replacements are sometimes needed to repair old structures that can become unsafe following years of wear and tear.

One of the bridges most recently identified for repairs is Blackpool bridge. It has been found to pose a risk to the public after checks showed steel reinforcements had corroded 40 per cent.

The repairs will be carried out between the local council and Network Rail, but the public have been warned that the bridge may be closed for several months.

Salt in the air, which Blackpool experiences, can increase the risk of steel corrosion, meaning this is a common reason for bridge repairs.

John Blackledge, Director of Community and Environmental Services at Blackpool Council, told Blackpool Gazette: “We have had to close Harrowside bridge with immediate effect due to safety reasons.

“We regularly carry out inspections to make sure road users are safe and a recent inspection revealed that the bridge repairs are required urgently.
“We need to undertake maintenance work to the bridge’s deck supports which is why the bridge will now close until further notice.

“We will be working with Network Rail and will update our website as soon as possible.”

The bridge will need to be closed to trains and traffic while the works are carried out, which may cause significant disruption to the local area.

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