During Christmas 2015, Freyssinet successfully slid a concrete bridge beneath the line of the Immingham to Ulceby railway line, just off Rosper Road in South Killingholme. The completion of these vital works is a critical part of the Highways England A160/A180 Port of Immingham Improvement Scheme in North East Lincolnshire, which will enhance road access into the port on this strategic route.


Utilising Freyssinet’s Autofoncage® method, a reinforced concrete bridge box, measuring 39x18x11m high and weighing approximately 3750 tonnes, was constructed next to the railway in the months leading up to the slide. Ten days before the slide, Freyssinet commenced installation of the four 1000 tonne jacks and associated hydraulic equipment needed to move the structure. The system was tested 48 hours before the main slide, by moving the structure 450mm towards the railway embankment.


The railway line was temporarily closed at 22:00 on Christmas Eve when the rails were removed, followed by the excavation of 20,000 tonnes of earth from the embankment. The slide commenced at 21:00 on Christmas Day and finished at 08:45 on Boxing Day. This was one hour quicker than programmed, the 41 metre slide taking 11 hours and 45 minutes, an average speed of 3.4 metres per hour.

The bridge was positioned within 50mm of notional intended position and the backfilling and rail reinstatement completed. The possession was handed back to Network Rail at 03:35 on 28 December, within the timescales agreed with the blockade team.



Freyssinet was employed as the bridge slide specialist by Principal Contractor Costain Construction, who did a fantastic job in both preparing and executing the many works packages which enabled ultimate success for all concerned.

The client for the works was Highways England, Principal Contractor was Costain Construction and Earthworks sub-contractor was Walters.

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