In 2011, Freyssinet Limited recognised potential in the market to add value to their range of specialist products and services by the addition of their own in-house hydrodemolition teams. Aquaforce was set up, and has continued to expand to become one of largest hydrodemolition companies in the UK, now comprising 8 crews of specially trained jetters. Hydrodemolition is technique for concrete removal that utilises high-pressure water jetting to remove deteriorated and sound concrete. It can be used for localised removals where deterioration is confined to small areas, and for large area removals. It can also be used to remove existing coatings from concrete. This process provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications.


Hydrodemolition technology can be used on all types of structures including bridge decks and substructures, tunnels, retaining walls, parking structures, warehouses, piers and docks, water treatment facilities and nuclear power plants. In comparison to conventional methods of removing concrete, such as by jack hammer, hydrodemolition is considered to have a number of benefits, including: • No cracking/micro fractures in the structure – due to no vibrations • No damage to reinforcing steel • Existing reinforcing steel is cleaned • Surfaces are ideally prepared to key in new concrete and receive mesh overlay • Eliminates dust and debris • More efficient process – reduces programme • Removes the potential for hand arm vibration Experience The Aquaforce hydrodemolition teams are highly trained, with over 20 years experience in a wide range of applications of hydrodemolition. This includes surface preparation of various types and CSP grades, bearing and soffit removal, bulk parapets contracts and highly technical Midland Links contracts. Aquaforce have already successfully completed contracts at significant sites such as the Hammersmith Flyover in London, and on numerous structures under the Highways Agency Area 9/10 Construction Framework Agreement (CMF), as part of which Freyssinet are an approved contractor for concrete repairs and cathodic protection works. Crews are now undertaking further work within the CMF at A40 Bridstow Bridge, M50 Pendock Sledge and Queens Arms, and M50 Queenhill Viaduct. Health & Safety An operation such as hydrodemolition requires the highest safety standards. Freyssinet insists on stringent controls on equipment such as lance length and industry leading TST PPE being used by all operatives, together with an in-house design, independently EN166 certified hydrodemolition helmet mounted faceshield.

Quality Freyssinet Limited is an Accredited Full Member of the Water Jetting Association and has a representative on the technical committee. All work is carried out in accordance with the Water Jetting Association’s Code of Practice. Freyssinet is involved in the sub-group working closely with the HSE in the preparation of the new WJA Code of practice.


Complementary services Freyssinet Limited undertakes hydrodemolition as part of a wider range of services relating to the repair, refurbishment and enhancement of concrete structures, including: • Grit blasting • Wall sawing • Core drilling • Concrete repair • Coatings • Cathodic protection • Jacking • Bearing replacement • Carbon fibre strengthening

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