Precast Tunnels and Retaining Walls

Pre Cast Tunnels

Again Freyssinet have carried numerous repair works to tunnels and other structures.
We have undertaken many projects where the repair and strengthening of precast tunnels has been required.

We have utilised a number of techniques including, concrete repair, hydro-demolition, dry spray concreting, propping, unique construction methods, replacement of reinforcement (including post tensioned structures).

In addition we have repaired a number of underpasses beneath roads that have been damaged by fire where pre-cast elements have been severely damaged.

Retaining Walls
Retaining wall structures offer some unique challenges where we are required to take account of numerous issues including: Water retention, undermining, strength deficiency, degradation, corrosion, overturning and load increase requirements.

Freyssinet has utilised numerous techniques to assist with these issues including: Structural repair using breakout and repair, Cathodic Protection, Increase of structural members with steel work, increase to flexural strength using composite materials, grouting of voids, water control mechanisms, electrical osmosis and load reactivation.





Case Studies

Rochester Station Autoripage

Butterley Station Bridge

Valenton Rail Bridge

QMC Bridge Nottingham Tram

Connaught Tunnel

Harfleur Tunnel

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