ICE Looking For Bridge Selfies For Upcoming Exhibition

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is now calling on engineers and members of the general public alike to share photographs of themselves with their favourite bridges on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, with the best of those submitted set to be displayed as part of a new Bridge Engineering exhibition due to open on 17 October.

The centrepiece of the exhibition will be the longest bridge in the world ever to have been made out of LEGO, with towers that will be 3m tall so the bridge has a span of more than 33.2m, around the same as three London double-decker buses. The bridge selfies sent in will be displayed next to this LEGO bridge, which will be built without any structural reinforcements or glue.

If you want to submit a bridge selfie, post a picture of yourself with the bridge on social media, including the name of it and why you like it – then tag it with the hashtag #BridgeSelfie. And don’t forget to tag the ICE in the image as well to help them find it.

Chair of the ICE’s Inspiration Panel Claire Gott said: “Please help us celebrate the opening of this special bridge exhibition by sharing your #BridgeSelfie. Is there a bridge that brightens your local landscape? Perhaps you cross one every day on your way to work or see an iconic bridge when you’re on holiday. Share your love for bridges and be part of a movement to inspire the next generation of engineers.”

The exhibition itself will span 300 years of bridge-making and engineering, and you can visit it for free – sure to make it even more appealing. Exhibition highlights include a timeline of bridges from the past through to the present and looking to the future, as well as discovering more about civil engineering icons and how they’ve helped shape the future of the industry.

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